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What are Practitioner/Resident/Assistant accounts for ?

Three types of accounts are available in Doqboard:

  • Practitioner: accounts reserved for Medical Doctors (verified accounts). Practitioners can create projects and join others, in which they collaborate according to the Rights granted to them. They can also create and manage Teams.
  • Resident: accounts reserved for medical residents. Residents can join Practitioner projects in which they can collaborate according to the Rights granted to them. They can also join Practitioner Teams and create projects on behalf of these Teams. Resident accounts are renewed annually upon communication of a new proof.
  • Assistant: accounts reserved for technical staff assisting a Practitioner in their projects (clinical research associates, secretaries, nurses, non-resident students, etc). Assistants cannot create projects but can join and participate in others according to the Rights granted to them. They can also join Practitioner Teams.
If you wish to change your account type, please contact us at

How do subscriptions work in Doqboard?

In Doqboard, you can have a personal subscription and a subscription for each of your Teams. The individual subscription applies to your Personal Projects. The team subscription applies to your Team Projects. There are 3 types of individual subscriptions:

  • PRO subscription (free)
  • ADVANCED subscription
  • EXPERT subscription
There are also 3 team subscriptions:
  • TEAM PRO subscription (free)
  • TEAM ADVANCED subscription
  • TEAM EXPERT subscription
Paid subscriptions can be subscribed monthly or annually (reduced price). In TEAM subscriptions, the number of users is unlimited.

What can I do with a PRO subscription?

Doqboard PRO subscription is available for Practitioner accounts. It allows you to use Doqboard's essential features for free and for an unlimited duration. Each Practitioner can therefore use its personal and secured account to create and join research or practice evaluation projects, and process its data. The number of projects (joined and created) is unlimited. The projects you create can include up to 25 questions per form and up to 100 patients inclusions. When you join a project with a PRO subscription, you can also invite your Team to participate for free. Doqboard PRO subscription also provides automated statistical data processing as well as the access to global statistics for multicentric projects. All results are displayed using detailed statistics and interactive charts.

What can I do with an ADVANCED subscription?

Doqboard ADVANCED subscription is available for Practitioner accounts, individually or as a team. It allows to create advanced forms, invite users in your projects, and use advanced statistical features. Projects created with the ADVANCED subscription can include up to 50 questions per form, distributed on one or several pages (max. 3). The number of patients inclusions is unlimited. This subscription also gives access to advanced form conception features (automatic calculations between dates or quantitative questions, comments on responses' modalities...) and allows you to invite up to 10 participants per project. Statistical filters are also available with the ADVANCED subscription. They allow you to select sub-populations among all the patients included in your project and to analyze their specific statistical results.

What can I do with an EXPERT subscription?

Doqboard EXPERT subscription is available for Practitioner accounts, individually or as a team. It gives you access to all application features. The projects created with this subscription can include an unlimited number of questions and pages per form. All form conception features are available with this subscription (pop-up comments, optional questions, information blocks...) and up to 50 participants can be invited per project. This subscription also allows you to give Advanced rights to the users you invite into your projects:

  • right of editing form and documentations
  • right of accessing and using all project inclusions
  • right of inviting external participants
  • right of giving advanced rights to his/her guests
Data export features are also available with the EXPERT subscription. This feature allows you to export the data of your choice (filtered data, anonymization...) in .csv format, compatible with office and statistical analysis softwares.

What can I do with TEAM subscriptions?

TEAM subscriptions are applicable for Teams, as TEAM PRO, TEAM ADVANCED, and TEAM EXPERT subscriptions. They allow members of the same Team to collaborate in projects to include patients. TEAM subscriptions are reserved for medical teams because they allow members of the same Team to share their patient inclusions: access to records, modification of inclusion data, access to patient identifiers if applicable. The number of members in a Team is unlimited. When a Practitioner creates a Team, they automatically become its Team leader and can invite an unlimited number of members to their Team. Each member can then be added to participate in projects through the Team. A Team with a TEAM PRO subscription can join for free projects in which one of its members has been personally invited but cannot carry out its own projects. A Team with a TEAM ADVANCED or TEAM EXPERT subscription can create its own projects. It uses the ADVANCED or EXPERT project management features respectively (invitation management, rights management, form conception, statistical features, etc).


What are the differences between a Personal Project and a Team Project?

A Team Project is a project allowing members of the same Team to collaborate. To be able to create a Team Project, the Team must have a TEAM ADVANCED or TEAM EXPERT subscription. The whole Team is not automatically added to the project. The project manager, as well as the authorized members, can choose from the list of Team members those they wish to invite into the project. Collaboration in a Team Project allows participants to:

  • access the inclusions of the other members of the Team without anonymizing identifying data
  • edit the inclusions made by the other members of the Team
A Personal Project uses the individual subscription of its creator. It allows a user to carry out their own project (any subscription), to invite external participants (ADVANCED and EXPERT subscriptions) but does not allow to invite members of one of their Teams.

How do the Rights work?

Doqboard allows to configure the rights of each participant invited to join a project. These Rights allow a user to precisely define which type of collaboration they desire with each of their guests. Without assigned rights, a participant can see the general project information and documentation. They can also view the overall statistical results and invite members of their Team for free. Basic Rights can be used by all Doqboard users:

  • Can include patients: This right allows the participant to make inclusions and edit them. In a Team project, they can also see and edit the inclusions of other members of their Team.
  • Can manage invitations in this team: This right is specific to projects shared as a Team. It allows a Team member to invite other members of this team and manage their rights.
Advanced rights are available for users with EXPERT or TEAM EXPERT subscriptions:
  • Can edit form and documentations: This right allows the participant to modify the form and the project documentation.
  • Can access and use all project inclusions: This right allows the user to see the inclusion sheets and the statistical results of each participant. They can also export all the project data (.csv format).
  • Can invite external participants: In addition to invite members of their Team(s) (default right), this right allows the user to invite participants who do not belong to their Team(s) in the project.
  • Can give advanced rights to his/her guests: This right can only be given by the project manager. It allows the manager's guest to give their own guests the following advanced rights:
-> Can edit form and documentations -> Can access and use all project inclusions -> Can invite external participants The manager can thus delegate the ability to assign advanced rights to guests. The manager is the only one able to edit the rights of each guest. The other users can only edit the rights of members they invited.

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What are Teams used for?

Creating a Team in Doqboard allows a medical team (doctors, residents, assistants...) to collaborate within projects that it creates or in which it is invited. When a Team member has the right to make inclusions in a project, they can see and change the inclusions of other Team members too. Identifying data from these inclusions can be viewed and modified by their Team members.

How do Teams work?

Create a Team Only Practitioner accounts can create Teams, regardless of their personal subscription. Simply go to the "My account" section then in "Team(s)" and click on "Create a team" to do so. It is then possible to add members and Team leaders to complete it. Only users of the same medical specialty can form a Team. By default, a newly created Team uses a TEAM PRO (free) subscription. With this subscription, a Team can participate in projects in which at least one of its members has been invited. TEAM ADVANCED and TEAM EXPERT subscriptions allow a Team to carry out its own projects as a team. Leave a Team The Team leader(s) may remove members from their Team. Members can also leave the Team if they wish. When a user leaves or is removed from a Team, their participations in the Team projects become individual participations: their patient inclusions are kept but are no longer attached to this Team. Delete a Team Only a Team leader can delete a Team. All data inclusions made by its members on behalf of this Team are permanently deleted.

What are the roles in a Team?

There are two possible roles within a Team: Team leader or member. Team leader The Team leader can add Team members, remove them and change their role. They can also edit the Team settings or delete it. The Team creator is automatically assigned this role. Once the Team has been created, they can add users to it by choosing their role. Only Practitioner accounts can be Team leaders. A Team can have several Team leaders. Member The member is invited by a Team leader. They can have a Resident, Assistant, or Practitioner account. A member cannot change the Team settings but they can leave the Team if they want to.

All Team members and leaders can participate in Team projects. Only Resident and Practitioner members and Team leaders can create projects on behalf of the Team.