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With a unique approach meeting the expectations of both organizations and practitioners, Doqboard supports sponsors in the success of their projects. Versatile and open-access, Doqboard allows surgeons to centralize all their projects in a single tool, creating valuable clinical databases available for their future needs. Surgeons can easily join organizations’ projects while continuing to achieve their own personal or collaborative projects. Based on secured, confidential and targeted exchanges, surgeons collaborate with real-world clinical data in your projects. Experience a true win-win collaboration with Doqboard.


Connect With The Community

 Invite surgeons on a platform designed for their needs
 Maintain connection through various projects
 Automatically collect studies’ results

Process your Data

 Easily manage your datasets
 Use automated statistical features to assess results
 Gather data from all your projects

Increase Your ROI

 Facilitate data collection
 Keep unlimited access to your datasets
 Choose a cost-effective solution

A Secured & Confidential Solution

 Secured participant authentification
 Fully encrypted and anonymized data transfers
 Servers certified for health-data storage