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Doqboard transforms data assessment opportunities for surgeons, helping them to seamlessly achieve their full potential.




A Versatile Data Application.

Doqboard centralizes all projects in a single tool. You can now equally join third-party studies, collaborate with colleagues in multicenter projects, or simply explore your practice. A versatile and secured solution, ready for you.

All Your Data, In One Place.

Doqboard automatically gathers data from all your projects. Throughout time, Doqboard backs up all your efforts to help you create and assess your own high-quality clinical database. All your data, with unlimited free access.

Statistics Made Easy.

Doqboard database interface is streamlined, dynamic and automated. Easily navigate through all data and automatically view your results. Just make your selection and let Doqboard apply the correct statistical tests for you. A great way to save time and focus on what’s essential.

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