Achieve Your Projects. 

Thanks to streamlined project management and peers collaboration, Doqboard helps you easily achieve all your projects and instantly create high-quality clinical databases. Intuitively perform evaluation and research projects with Doqboard. 


Use For Free

A Versatile Solution.

Doqboard centralizes all your projects in a single place. You can now easily join studies organized by third-parties (surgical associations, societies, …), collaborate with colleagues in multicenter projects, or simply monitor your outcomes. A consistent and secured solution, at your fingertips.


All Your Data, In One Place.

Doqboard automatically gathers data from all your projects. Over time, Doqboard backs up your investment by allowing you to create valuable clinical databases, available at anytime for future projects or simple consultation. Your data, with unlimited access.

Statistics Made Easy.

Doqboard statistical interface is streamlined, dynamic and automated. Easily navigate through your datasets and automatically view charts and results. Simply make your selection and let Doqboard apply the correct statistical tests for you. A great way to save time and focus on what’s essential.


Open Access.


Doqboard was created to make data analysis, peers collaboration and databases management accessible to all surgeons. This is why Doqboard provides a free access with unlimited duration. The best way for you to keep unlimited access to your data and have all the time you need to perform projects and constitute databases.