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By your side 
to develop
your teams' projects.

Designed specifically for research teams,

Doqboard helps you secure, monitor, and develop

the observational research conducted within your structure.

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Gain serenity:
use an appropriate 
& secure tool

Secure by design, the platform is GDPR compliant and hosted in France, on HDH servers, and ISO 27001 certified.

And for maximum security, we verify our users' accounts, and the team structure allows for bespoke rights management participants and optimal control of data access.

Simply monitor the projects conducted within your structure.

Thanks to your research staff's dedicated accounts, follow in real-time the projects' progress run in your structure: forms, participations, inclusions, results...
Gain visibility and work in synergy with your practitioners, in compliance with regulatory and ethical aspects.

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Facilitate and accelerate research projects' realization.

Doqboard is an intuitive solution, designed to maximize investigators' benefits and facilitate their engagement.

Choose Doqboard and allow your teams (practitioners, residents, and research staff) to efficiently and simply conduct their research.

Increase the number of valorized projects.

Thanks to its unique design facilitating team engagement, see your projects develop and increase the number of valorized projects within your structure!

Doqboard supports Research development by offering you non-correlated to the number of projects and inclusions conducted offers.

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GDPR & HDH compliant

promotor account

Dedicated accounts

users satisfaction

Engaged investigators

multiple projects compatibility

Unlimited projects



They trust us

Dr. Viglino, Emergency physician, Grenoble University Hospital - SAMU 38

“Doqboard finally responds to a need for simplicity and responsiveness, by allowing teams to easily create and manage eCRF-type forms, and to quickly include patients in studies. "

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